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Meet the Man behind Uptown Trading

Introducing John the Don

John the Don is truly living the American Dream. His journey began in Siracusa, Sicily. He was born into an average family. His father was a barber and his mother a seamstress. He grew up in a country that was plagued by terrible, terrible evils; high priced collateralized loans, high priced secondhand items, and pawn shops that paid almost nothing for your stuff!

John the Don set out to America, to get away from the high priced pawn shops in his home country. He had a dream; to come to the land of opportunity and start his own pawn shop. A shop that has low-priced collateralized loans, inexpensive items for sale, and pays its customers great prices for their stuff. His lifelong desire has been to make you an offer you can't refuse and now that he's opened Uptown Trading, he can achieve this goal.

So come see us at Uptown Trading and meet John the Don in person!